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Judge Of Compensation After Full Trial Finds Medical Provider Was Properly Compensated In Burn Claim

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There are thousands of medical reimbursement claims filed by medical providers in the New Jersey Division of Workers’ Compensation.  A comprehensive decision following a lengthy trial was recently handed down by the Honorable Virginia Dietrich, Administrative Supervisory Judge of Compensation.  To this practitioner’s knowledge, this is the first fully tried decision in the Division involving […]

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Appellate Division Allows Medical Reimbursement Claim To Proceed In Civil Court While Comp Case Is Pending

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Legal actions for reimbursement by medical providers have become very common in the New Jersey Division of Workers’ Compensation.  Now they are even more complex following the decision in The Valley Hospital v. LQ Management LLC, A-0831-10T1 (App. Div. August 8, 2011). The facts are straightforward.  An employee of LQ Management, LLC, was treated for […]

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